Introducing the OK Count On! loyalty card

Are you a LOYAL OK shopper?

Then you should get your hands on the OK count on! Card, and receive benefits like:

  • Discounts
  • Special Offers
  • Competitions
  • A special relationship with your community store
  • Being part of the OK Family
  • Enjoying special deals
  • Saving money
  • Incredible value

The OK Count On!-Loyalty Card is different from any other loyalty card, as the OK card allows members to earn CashBack and not points.
There are no complicated conversions to vouchers, as the member accumulates a monetary balance and can use the card at any time as a method of payment at any participating store.

PLUS… Did you know that OK Loyalty Card holders get automatic entries to all OK’s In-Store competitions when purchasing participating products?

You can count on us!

Grab a card in store and activate your OK Loyalty rewards card online today!

Your OK count on! card is exclusive to the store where it is issued.
Please consult your store’s notice board to see which exclusive benefits they offer.

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Register your card or check your balance here

Cardholder FAQ's

  • Enter you card number and pin in the “ALREADY A LOYALTY MEMBER” section above.
  • You can view your CashBack balance and transactions at any Self Service kiosk located in the store.
  • You can also view the balance when your card is scanned at the till.
  • Your latest till slip will also show your balance prior to your current transactions.

Your OK card allows you to earn CashBack and not points. No complicated conversions to vouchers needs to take place.  Your Count On card accumulates a monetary balance and the card can at any time be used as a method of payment at any participating store.

  • When using your OK Count On! Card, you can load funds (Gift) onto the card to be spend at a later time.
  • Earn rewards on every purchase made except for products which are on promotion or are exempted from earning rewards i.e. cigarettes which are not allowed to earn rewards by law.
  • Redeem and spend your earned rewards at any participating OK food stores in RSA and Namibia.
  • Automatic entry to all OK competitions when purchasing participating products.

No, there is not an expiry date on the card and you can also transfer the balance onto a new card should you have too much wear and tear.

Yes. You can load funds onto your child’s card. Please visit you nearest store where you can ask the Cashier to Load Funds onto your child’s card. Make sure you have your child’s card number.

You can visit you nearest OK store and ask for a new card. Contact Infinity Support on 0861 663 111 and request your old card to be transferred to the new card.

Visit your closest OK store and ask the Cashier to load funds onto your card.

No, BUT you can each have your own card. Ask the store to link one of the cards to the other card (known as a master card). All or any specified percentage of CashBack earned will then be transferred instantaneously to the master card.